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A beautfifully designed modern kitchen with elegant lighting fixtures installed by Wilcox Electric DC

See What We've Done Lately: We're Proud to Make DMV Homes Beautiful

The beautiful kitchen shown here that we worked on recently demonstrates how the right lighting is an essential aspect of room design. Architects and contractors now consider lighting design a vital part of all new construction, renovations, and remodels. If you're considering a remake of your own lighting, have a look below to see how elements of lighting design were used in some of our recent projects.

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Front porch of home with yellow doors and pink tulips Wilcox Electric DC

Seven Useful Steps to Ward Off Porch Pirates

Anyone who has purchased something online knows that packages delivered and left on porches and doorsteps are vulnerable to theft. But the Washington, DC metropolitan area does not in fact have one of the higher rates of package theft. Read below to find out which are the top three states that do have the highest rates, along with seven helpful suggestions to keep your packages safe.

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Pretty young Black girl in bed sick Wilcox DC

Adapt a Space in Your Home for Safe Quarantining

While we may have thought we’d be finished with the coronavirus by now, the reality is that we are not. And some health experts predict we may have entered a new era in which living with COVID and its variants becomes part of the new normal. We don’t know yet, but why not take some steps to be prepared?

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