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Did You Remember to Check Smoke and CO Detectors?

Carbon-Monoxide-DetectorIf this headline caught your attention, you should read on. It’s recommended to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at the beginning and end of daylight savings time each year. Although the time change has already happened (on November 6th), we thought we would ask: did you remember to check the smoke and CO detectors in your home?

Smoke and CO detectors maintenance should be a priority for every homeowner, meaning that to stay safe, you must assess your devices on a regular basis. A twice-yearly event like the time change can serve as a perfect reminder to check your detectors and replace weak batteries with fresh ones. 

Unfortunately, in an average year, there are nearly 5,000 deaths due to fires in homes without working smoke detectors. When you have functional smoke, and CO detectors and the batteries are kept fresh, you’ll be able to mitigate any worries about becoming a tragic statistic due to a potential fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Since CO has no smell or taste, it’s wise to maintain a good CO detector that will register an alarm when the carbon monoxide builds to unsafe levels.

What Type of Smoke or CO Detector is Best? 

Though a precursor to a smoke detector was developed in the 1890s, it was already the mid-1960s before modern smoke detectors became popular in American homes. In 1978 the District of Columbia passed an ordinance requiring smoke alarms to be installed in every dwelling, as well as in other types of buildings. In 2017, the regulations were amended to require having carbon monoxide detectors installed along with smoke detectors. As a result, households began to better protect their homes by using both devices inside and outside the bedrooms. Many use detectors in other rooms as well. 

Smoke alarms first operated on batteries and still do, but most now are hardwired into the home’s electrical system, with batteries as a backup. Likewise, carbon monoxide detectors were often plugged into an outlet, but now they are commonly hardwired into the main system, with battery backup. 

Along with everything else, smoke and CO detectors improve all the time. The most effective system you can put in your home has both detectors and is hardwired with a lithium battery backup that will last for a decade.

10-Year Combination Detectors Offer Peace of Mind

For most of us, having to manually change the batteries in our detectors can seem like a frustrating task, and for some people, it’s a job they can’t even do by themselves. While the process isn’t difficult, you usually need to drag out a ladder to take care of it. Imagine eliminating that annoyance and not having to think twice about your detector when setting the clocks back or at any other time. Modern technology can remove this task from your to-do list for a decade by installing a 10-year combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector.  These new systems have a sealed lithium battery that lasts for ten years without maintenance. The detector is hardwired and has a ten-year backup battery, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

Wilcox Electric Cares About the Safety of Your Home

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