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Front Porch Security for the Holiday Delivery Season

Porch-Pirate-Stealing-Packages-wilcox-electric-dcThe holidays are here, and many of us will be online shopping this season. Packages will be delivered and left on porches and doorsteps, leaving them vulnerable to theft. Here are some ways to keep Grinches from spoiling your holiday shopping fun.

Install a Smart Doorbell

There are many doorbells on the market that include a motion-activated camera. If someone approaches your front door intending to steal your packages, the doorbell’s camera will capture them in the act. These doorbells can also send alerts to your phone and even allow you to speak through the device to anyone on the front porch, whether you are home or not.

Invest in Security Cameras

Look for cameras that include motion detection and recording ability. If you are the victim of a porch thief, a camera can assist authorities in capturing the offenders. Often, security cameras are a deterrent to thieves just by being visible on the home.

Consider Upgrading Your Mailbox

If you prefer having your packages stored in a locked container, a locking mailbox might be your best solution. These mailboxes come in different sizes, some of which can handle larger packages. If you receive shipments from USPS, make sure the mailbox you choose is USPS approved.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Sometimes, the easiest way to protect against theft is to have a good relationship with your neighbors. If you expect a package but will be away from home, let your neighbor know to be on the lookout. Or, ask if you can have the delivery diverted to their home instead.  

Make Sure to Track It

Delivery services offer tracking on most deliveries, and this is a fantastic way to ensure your package is delivered safely. UPS and FedEx provide services that will alert you when your parcel is a few stops away, allowing you to monitor the delivery or make it home in time to receive the package.

When in Doubt, Pick It Up in Person

If you are expecting a high-price item, it may be safest to pick up the delivery in person. If you have locker facilities in your area, such as Amazon lockboxes or a UPS store, your item can be delivered safely and picked up by you at your convenience. 

Leave Clear Delivery Instructions

If you have no other choice but to have your packages delivered to your home, most online retailers will allow you to leave delivery instructions at the time of purchase. Your packages may be safer if left in a gated back yard area instead of on your front porch. Most porch thieves are looking for an easy grab and go and will not risk venturing into a back yard.


Online shopping is a convenient way to finish your shopping list. Following the above tips can keep your holidays merry and bright. If you would like to discuss smart devices’ installation and programming to help stay safe this holiday season, contact Wilcox Electric today. Our experts can steer you in the right direction.