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Adapting Home for Living and Working

Posted by Wilcox Electric on Mar 25, 2020 10:09:17 AM

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many are making the adjustment to working from home. While for some this may be a dream come true, others may struggle to juggle work, family, and home routines. To make the best of a temporary but critical situation, we offer some recommendations for improving your new work-at-home experience.

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Topics: Home office, COVID-19

Before You Sell an Inherited Property

Posted by Wilcox Electric on Mar 7, 2020 8:32:54 PM

While individuals often inherit property from close relatives, sometimes the property comes from distant relatives or others. Whatever the relationship, you may not be familiar with the home and depending on circumstances, you may decide to sell.

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Topics: Electrical safety

ICYMI - Spring Forward, Fall Back, Change Batteries!

Posted by Wilcox Electric on Mar 5, 2020 4:22:39 PM

This article was originally published in March of 2019. We bring it back ahead of the time change on March 8, 2020! Spring forward...

Daylight Savings Time can be more than just a quick change of the clocks. Many use the “spring forward” and “fall back” as much-needed safety reminders to check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors.

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Topics: Smoke detectors, Carbon monoxide detectors

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