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Beat the Heat by Installing Ceiling Fans Now

beat-the-heat-with-ceiling-fans-1Summertime heat in the Washington, DC area can quickly become stifling. With summer practically here, now is the perfect time to install ceiling fans in your home to help keep everyone cool. In addition to supporting the atmosphere in your home, installing ceiling fans can improve your energy bill, plus they add a touch of class to any room.

Many designs exist so you can choose just the perfect ceiling fan for your home's layout or décor. Ceiling fans also come with a wide range of options for control, including manual, remote, voice-activated operation or even integration into existing smart home applications.

Ceiling Fans Save On Energy Costs  

Ceiling fans do not actually cool the air; instead, they recirculate the air in the room. As this air moves against your skin, it lowers your body temperature. By taking advantage of this air recirculation, you can set thermostats to a higher temperature and maintain a comfortable home environment. You will see dramatic decreases in your energy bill over a year, as your air conditioning system doesn't work as hard.

Ceiling Fans Add to Any Room or Space

Ceiling fans are known for their functional features, but they can also be used as a part of your overall room or space décor. There are hundreds of styles, colors, sizes, and designs from which to choose. Make a bold statement or allow your ceiling fan to keep a low profile or any purpose in between. Combining ceiling fans with room lighting options is a popular choice, and Wilcox Electric technicians are well trained and experienced with integrating both into any room or space. Ceiling fans and lights are incredibly versatile and can be mounted in different areas, varying heights or even at angles in unique sloped ceiling designs. High ceilings or low ceilings, there is a ceiling fan to fit your needs.

Ceiling Fans Need Professional Installation

Many ceiling fans come with instructions and DIY kits for installation, but this is often a recipe for disaster. The new ceiling fan model wiring often does not match precisely with many older homes in the Washington, DC area. Rewiring is required for your ceiling fan installation to be safe and meet current electrical codes. To avoid any problems, contact Wilcox Electric to install your ceiling fans. Our technicians can perform any electrical wiring necessary to safely and effectively install any ceiling fans.

Note: A word of caution is also in order: due to extreme temperatures during the high heat of summer, it can be dangerous to enter attic spaces and attempt a ceiling fan installation. Wilcox Electric will not schedule work in attic crawl spaces in the hottest months of the year, for the safety of our electricians. And if it is too hot for us, it is too hot for you.

Before the oppressive heat of another Washington summer sets in, call Wilcox Electric for your ceiling fan installation or repair needs. Enjoy cooler temperatures and lighter energy costs with a wide variety of ceiling fan options.