Ceiling Fans, Attic Fans, and Exhaust Fans Help Handle Summer Heat

Posted by Wilcox Electric on Jun 1, 2021 10:12:46 AM

The summer heat is on its way, and DC’rs know precisely what to expect. Besides making sure your AC is tuned up, it’s a good time to think about other ways to help beat the heat without paying enormous energy bills this summer. Most often, people consider two different ways to do that. One is adding more insulation, and the other is blowing the hot air out of your attic. Read on to find out more about both options.

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Topics: Ceiling fans, Energy usage, attic fans, exhaust fans

Ceiling Fans in Outdoor Spaces - Any Safety Issues?

Posted by Wilcox Electric on Apr 15, 2021 12:52:01 PM

Outdoor living spaces are more important than ever in our lives today, don’t you agree? We’ve all spent plenty of time isolated and indoors, and the time to bust out and enjoy outdoor living is here*. Whether you’re on the deck, the patio, or the porch, two priorities matter – safety and comfort.

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Topics: Ceiling fans, Electrical safety, outdoor living

Ceiling Fan Recall...Please Read and Share!

Posted by Wilcox Electric on Jan 8, 2021 7:00:00 AM

At the start of this New Year, we want to share our very best wishes with you for a safe and hope-filled new year.

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