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Extend Your Outdoor Living Season This Year

bigstock-Outdoor-Lifestyles-1574037Spending time with family at home has become more important than ever, and even having a few close friends over may be preferable to spending time at other public venues. Don’t let the good times end when cooler weather arrives. By adding features that make spending time at home outdoors comfortable and practical, you can extend your outdoor living season this year. 

Additional Outlets 

A simple, yet practical step is to add a few additional electrical outlets outdoors near where you plan to spend some time. Ample outlets will make many more options for outdoor entertainment possible. A professional electrician can install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets that are safe for outdoor, all-weather use. Consider what other outdoor elements you plan to add and install outlets in suitable locations. You may also consider installing dedicated circuits for some amenities

Outdoor Lighting

Spending time outdoors is much safer and more comfortable with outdoor lighting. Whether you choose remote security lighting or switch-controlled lighting, different styles and configurations can add illumination and ambiance to your outdoor setting. From party lights twinkling at the perimeter, to task lighting, to just the right mood-lighting for movie night, all of your indoor options can be put to use outdoors, too.

Heat Sources

Spending time outdoors in the fall and winter around DC means you will need some outdoor heat sources to keep family and guests warm and comfortable. Free-standing fire pits are an easy and portable option. Permanent, all-weather heaters that are hard-wired into your electrical system are possible, or you can choose from various plug-in portable heat sources. Be sure to plan your heat source to be near seating to drive the chill away from family and guests. 

Seating & Dining 

If you plan to do much entertaining, you will require adequate seating and dining accommodations (with the proper social distancing). Do you want to include an outdoor cooking area with a refrigerator and warming hoods for food? Outdoor kitchen design can be as straightforward or as elaborate as your needs and budget will allow. Don’t forget to consider your heating and lighting design when configuring your seating and dining arrangements. 


Restrictions on different public entertainment venues don’t need to leave you isolated and bored. Why not customize your outdoor entertainment area with sound and video? A portable projector and screen are great additions to your outdoor setup; even a hard-wired, large-screen TV system under-cover and protected from the elements can provide lasting enjoyment for family and friends. And don’t forget the surround sound components to complete the experience. 

Extend your outdoor living season this year with lighting, heating, entertainment, and other options to make spending time at home with family and friends a more pleasant and memorable experience. 

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