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Electric Vehicles: Is it Finally Their Season?

outdoor-ev-charging-station-urban-neighborhood-wilcox-electric-dcAlmost 70% of America’s massive oil consumption in 2019 went to road transport – gas and diesel poured into vehicles, putting millions of miles down the highways. However, many people are cutting their consumption of fossil fuels by purchasing electric vehicles (EVs). We’ve seen these battery-operated vehicles around for a while now, but are they finally "in season" for America? For you?

Electric Vehicles Are in Demand Globally

Looking at global figures for the past few years tells a story about the future of these energy-saving vehicles. At the end of 2018, there were a total of 2.1 million electric vehicles in use around the world. EVs are especially popular in Europe and China. Between 2017 and 2018, the number of EVs rose 65%, and sales stayed steady through 2019. The USA saw the most significant growth trend in 2019, increasing 80% from the previous year. But, then, public policies shifted away from supporting electric vehicles. Today, mounting concern about the environment is once again turning the public focus toward renewable energy and electric cars.

According to Forbes magazine, the top drivers for growth include “ improved batteries, more readily available charging infrastructure, new markets and price parity with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.” 

The average mileage per charge now is approximately 100 miles. As technology continues to improve, batteries will evolve to allow a longer distance between charges. In addition, infrastructure developments will provide more charging options with digital apps available to show you where to find them. 

EV Upfront Cost vs. Long-term Payoffs

The upfront purchase cost of an EV is still about 20% more than an average gas-burning car. This increased cost may be off-putting, but factor in the savings on fuel costs and less damage to the environment, and it’s easy to see why many forward-thinkers are going green with their vehicles. 

Because oil costs are dependent on many factors, many of which are global, it is never possible to determine future costs, especially as much of the world turns to solar and electric energy. Those who are environmentally-minded find the bigger picture even more motivation for moving into electric cars. The environmental benefits include many health benefits due to lessened air pollution caused by fossil fuels.

Wilcox Electric Installs the Charging Stations You Need

While finding charging stations throughout the DC Metro area will steadily become easier, nothing beats the convenience of at-home charging to get the most out of your electric vehicle. At Wilcox Electric, we’re big fans of electric vehicles – and several of our team drive them. That’s why we have made installing charging stations a specialty. 

If you have a garage or a carport, that’s the spot you will probably want to plug in, but many area residents don’t have access to a garage. For this reason, we specialize in creative installations to meet specific needs. We will figure out your design, permitting, installation, and service for vehicle chargers of Level I and Level II needs, and we will do it cost-effectively! 

Contact us today to find out more! We will get you plugged in!