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Go the Distance: Some of the Best EVs for Long-range Driving

Electric vehicles (EVs) have significantly infiltrated the mass market, becoming more popular as time goes on. The uptick in sales is due to a number of factors, ranging from the obvious (driving on electricity is cheaper than gas, especially recently) to the sublime. Many have been influenced by listening to fantastic reviews of the new vehicles from friends and family that have already “gone electric”. Some people use their EVs for shorter, local commutes, while others go all in and plan to take their electric vehicles out for long road trips.  In any case, if you want to go the distance, here are some of the best EVs for long-range driving. 

Electric Vehicle with Home Charger, the best EVs for long-range driving, Wilcox Electric DCCan You Make Long-Distance Trips with an EV?

Despite their newly-found popularity, distance driving with an EV is still more challenging than with your traditional gas vehicle, primarily because public chargers can be scarce, depending on the area in which you are traveling. 

So…can you make long-distance trips with your EV? The short answer is yes, but it involves being prepared. The battery size in your vehicle, and the power of your charger, are the most important factors in determining whether or not you can go the distance. Depending on which in-home charging system you have installed, it may be time to take it to the next level. Owning an in-home Level ll charger will charge your battery twice as fast as a Level l charger, but those are not portable. 

A DC charger is the fastest charging option, but most of those are found only at commercial stops and may be sparsely located. On top of those considerations, the car's battery pack must be capable of receiving that charge, regardless of the speed and power of the charger.

How Far Can EVs Go? 

Long distance is a relative term; as a baseline, the lowest-cost electric vehicles have a range of only 100 miles, but the average range for a mid-level EV is around 300 miles per charge. The technology changes rapidly, typically in small increments of 10-25 mile increases. 

Manufacturers battle to become and remain number one on the list of best EVs, so you can trust things will keep improving. As electric vehicles began hitting the US market, Tesla was the “name of the (EV) game.” Tesla is still known for producing several models that can mark over 300 miles, with 4 of the top 6 highest-range EVs being theirs. For example, the Tesla Model S has a range of 405 miles on a single charge. Tesla Model 3 comes in at 358 miles; Model X is 348, and Model Y is at 330. Models S and X will run you more than $100K, with the more affordable Model 3 starting at just under $47,000 and the Y at nearly $70,000.

However, Tesla has lost the lead for the highest mile range on the market. The Lucid Air is clocking in at 520 miles per single charge. The Range Lucid Air Dream Performance Edition uses 1111 horsepower to max out the miles at 471. This performance edition top is tagged at $170,500, while the Pure Model, 480 hp, will net you 406 miles per charge for about $90,000 less. 

Aptera Motors of San Diego is introducing a solar electric model later this year with an astounding 1000-mile range. The vehicle launched in late 2022 but only in very small numbers. With the knowledge that this vehicle requires no charging for average daily use, there are extensive wait lists of more than 30,000 people hoping to see this one on the market (and in their garages!) later in 2023.

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