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A Home Renovation is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Wiring

home-renovation-wiring-upgrades-Wilcox-DCA home renovation can be the ideal time to address any electrical issues your home may have. During major work on your home, the wiring may be exposed. And, since there is likely a contractor on hand, it’s an excellent opportunity to have electrical work done that requires things like drywall holes, patching, or repainting.


There are many benefits to electrical upgrades. Not only can it increase the value of your home, but the overall functionality as well. Here are some electrical wiring upgrade projects to consider during your home renovation:

Project: Replace and Add Outlets

What the electrician will do: How do you know it's time to replace or add outlets? When plugs fall out, you have numerous power strips, there are only two prongs, or the outlets are discolored, damaged, or hot. An expert can quickly help you assess your outlet situation and come up with a plan of action. You'll discuss where any new outlets will go, and identify any outdated/compromised outlets to be replaced.

Why it's beneficial: Any upgrade helps your home’s value, but in this case, it really adds to functionality and safety as well. With upgraded outlets, you can add special features (Smart outlet, GCFI, recessed outlet, USB, AFCI, or tamper-resistant receptacles, which is excellent for families with small children). More, you will have outlets where you need them, and outlets that work correctly.

Project: Power Upgrade

What the electrician will do: Older homes in the DC Metro area often have outdated and undersized electrical panels. A Heavy Up is where an electrician replaces your panel and service cable with a panel and service cable that has a larger capacity. Proper grounding of the electrical system is also an important part of a heavy up.  The work requires a permit and will be inspected upon completion.

Why it's beneficial: A power upgrade (or Heavy Up) makes your home safer by incorporating current grounding standards and properly supporting today's modern electrical needs. 

Project: Replace Old Appliances or Lighting

What the electrician will do: As long as you’re updating with a home renovation, you have the ideal opportunity to upgrade appliances and lighting as well.  Lighting is a central aspect of interior decorating.  Electricians can help with lighting design as well as install fixtures.  It’s an excellent time to enhance your home's lighting by installing dimmers or creating the smart home you may have wanted as well.  If you are installing new appliances, an electrician can install new circuits and/or receptacles that may be needed to power them.

Why it's beneficial:  The beauty and calm of effective illumination, energy efficiency and home value are the top benefits of replacing old lighting and appliances. Today’s products are far more efficient and quieter, which can help you save on bills and enhance your home life.

Project: Upgrade Old Wiring

What the electrician will do: Replacing wiring can be one of the most intensive electrical upgrades. However, there is no better time than during a home renovation to get rid of knob and tube or aluminum wiring. An electrician can more easily replace old wiring or add new wiring when walls and/or ceilings are open during a renovation.  This is a significant opportunity to save money and minimize the disruption of upgrading the circuitry that runs throughout the house.

Why it's beneficial: Modern wiring is much safer than outdated wiring.  It's a chance to get rid of anything that's frayed, brittle, or damaged. It will also allow you to get the additional wiring that better supports your home's power needs, adding value all-around.

If you’re already having work done on your home, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your electrical system as well, adding value, efficiency, and safety to your home.