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A SMART Home Can Help Get Everyone on Schedule for Back to School

bigstock-Digital-Hygrometer-With-Thermo-455739715With the return of school time comes “Bath time,” “Bed time,” “Time to get up!” and other time-structured household routines. It's an excellent time to school your devices -  Alexa, Google Home, and Leviton - in some Smart Routines, Schedules, and Activities to ease everyone in the house back on schedule.

Below are some tips we culled from our friends at Leviton to help you use SMART home technology to put into place schedules and routines to get family members back into a smooth school routine.

Get Started with Routines 

If sticking to new routines is a problem, try scheduling reminders with timers, smart dimmers, or smart plug-in dimmers to control lighting. Set a time to turn lights on or brighten them as a signal to transition to a new activity or to get up, change positions, or remember an appointment. You can also use these smart options to turn on music, send a voice alert over Alexa or Google Home, or alert your Leviton phone app. 

Call “Lights Out” on the bedtime battle with your kids by automating smart lighting, sound machines, fans, and even their favorite night light with smart timers and your Leviton app. All controlled by you at the tap of a button. You can even set an inverted schedule for wake-up times and make the process happier and more fun. 

Get Started with Schedules

Not the type to stick to a schedule? Leviton apps allow you to set timers and reminders that alert your smartphone and connected devices throughout your home. 

  • Cue your wake-up playlist on Alexa or Google Home.
  • Turn on bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen lighting.
  • Start the kitchen coffeemaker for when you head downstairs. 
  • Create bedtime and wake-up activities, personalized for each member of your household.

Automate these functions from the Leviton app or with voice-activated commands. Switch them up or run them automatically each day at predetermined times. 

Get Started with Activities

Make household chores or having fun easier with smart programming! Use the Leviton Decora® 24-Hour Programmable Timer to schedule outdoor lighting to turn on and off automatically, keeping the deck, yard,  hot tub, or other outdoor areas lit and ready for use. Motion-sensor lighting switches turn lights on when rooms or areas are occupied and off when activity ceases. 

Use the Leviton app and a Wi-Fi® 4-Button Controller to create custom lighting scenes for movie night, game night, and more! You can also install a Voice Dimmer, pre-installed with Amazon Alexa, to control all your smart home devices with your voice. Tired of trying to turn on the laundry room light with your arms fully loaded? Install an LED Ceiling-Mounted Occupancy Sensor to turn on the room lights when it senses motion automatically. 

All these uses and more make living safer and more convenient. Wilcox Electric can help you establish and maintain smart routines, schedules, and activities with Leviton apps. Ask us about how to start building your smart home with the Leviton SmartThings Home Automation Bundle. Add sensors, modules, lighting controls, thermostat controls, and more. A Wilcox Electric professional electrician will install each component and ensure that it operates seamlessly to create a safer, streamlined, and more efficient home.

Wilcox Electric entered the SMART Home technology field early on. Now we are the go-to source on Capitol Hill and all around Washington, DC, for design, installation, and programming to fit each family member’s lifestyle and productivity needs. Contact us to schedule a free estimate to discuss your needs.