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DIY Ceiling Fan Installation – What Could Go Wrong?

DIY-ceiling-fan-installation-1Many DIYers enjoy the challenge of new projects, and installing ceiling fans seems like one of the more straightforward tasks. However, this can be seriously misleading. Just ask the professionals who respond to the calls from homeowners to correct poorly and even dangerously installed ceiling fans. A better way is to rely on licensed, trained, and experienced electricians who can handle any challenge during installation. Here's why:

DIY Installation Risks Your Home and Family

Homeowners might think installing a ceiling fan is as simple as plugging it in and turning it on - a serious misunderstanding. Ceiling fans, and especially those that include lighting, must be wired into your existing electrical system. Often, especially in older Washington, DC homes, the older wiring system is not compatible with a new fan wiring setup. Some rewiring is required to affect a safe and functional installation.

Homeowners may wish to save money by avoiding the call to an electrician for installing ceiling fans, but the costs to repair a poorly installed ceiling fan may be more – and what about the costs of possible electrical or fire damage? Are your family's safety and home worth what you may save by not calling a professional electrician?

DIY Installation Can Violate Codes and Insurance Coverage

In many cases, a DIY ceiling fan installation could violate area building codes. Ceiling fan installations qualify as electrical appliance installations that require a licensed professional. Any DIY wiring you perform could violate area construction or electrical codes. If anything happens to your home that can be traced back to your amateur wiring, this could mean big trouble.

Many homeowner's insurance companies will not cover damages caused by DIY wiring, but only if a licensed professional electrician has performed the work. Without the proof of an electrician's bill, or with evidence of unprofessional work, any damages caused by the faulty wiring would be your responsibility.

DIY Installation Can Cost More in Repairs

Often, our electricians have encountered significant problems when called to perform repairs on poorly installed ceiling fans. In some cases, a complete rewiring job is necessary due to burnt-out electrical components. Other times, more work is needed to bring the home's electrical system within acceptable codes. The money you try to save can easily be multiplied several times when a poor installation complicates the electrician's job.

Plus, in Washington's hot summer months, temperatures in attic crawlspaces can reach dangerous levels, posing a genuine safety risk. In fact, many professionals will not schedule work in attic crawl spaces in the hottest months of the year for our electricians' safety. It would be best to avoid the risks of any DIY ceiling fan work during the hottest months of the year.

Avoid the possible risks and consequences of a faulty DIY ceiling fan installation by calling Wilcox Electric. Our licensed, trained, and experienced electricians can quickly and safely perform the necessary work, with a guarantee on our work. Call (301) 583-8888 or (202) 546-1010, or complete the form on our contact page to schedule any electrical services.