Home Safety Resolutions for the New Year


family-at-home-with-safe-electrical-system-wilcox-electric-dcThe new year gives us a fresh start with being proactive about making our lives better. One way you can upgrade your life this year is by making sure your home is safe and sound. Electrical hazards around your home pose a serious threat to you and your family. Making resolutions to correct these issues can help you make this new year your best one yet. Here are home safety resolutions to consider for the new year.

Perform an Electrical Home Safety Inspection 

The electrical wiring in your home can deteriorate over time, increasing the risk of an electrical fire. Electrical fires cause approximately $1.3 billion in property damage and almost 500 deaths each year, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. The best way to prevent this is to have a licensed electrician perform an electrical home safety inspection and make any necessary repairs. Make sure your smoke alarms are functioning properly and have fresh batteries. 

Check electrical cords and wires for any signs of damage and make sure they are secured away from walkways. Only use extension cords on a short-term basis. If you are running extension cords throughout your home to have enough power, have a licensed electrician install more outlets. Ensure that any entertainment devices such as TVs and sound systems are securely mounted to prevent accidental injuries.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Many modern homes rely on numerous electronic devices and appliances. If there are too many devices plugged into your home’s outlets, it could create a fire. Use energy-saving power strips and unplug appliances and devices that are not used on a regular basis. Unplugging electronic devices in sleep or standby mode can save you up to 10% of your energy bill. Make sure to turn off lights whenever you leave a room to help prevent overloading your system and to save money.

Upgrade Lighting to Make Your Home More Welcoming

Improving Indoor and outdoor lighting is a great home safety resolution for the new year. It can make your home more welcoming and make it safer for your family and guests. Use accent lighting outside your home to improve the security of your property and highlight architectural features. Layer task, ambient and accent lighting indoors to provide your home with adequate lighting for all your daily activities. Consider installing smart home devices that allow you to control your home’s lighting through an app on your smartphone. 

Request an Electrical Home Safety Consultation

If you are looking to upgrade your home for the new year, you may want to make sure your electrical system can first handle further improvements. At Wilcox Electric, our experienced and licensed technicians can inspect your home and electrical system for any hazards. We specialize in installing and repairing or replacing electrical systems, smart home devices, and lighting. Our services are backed by a one-year guarantee on labor and materials. Resolve to improve the safety of your home and request an electrical home safety consultation today.