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Does Your Pathway and Entry Lighting Say 'Welcome?'

exterior-lighting-says-welcome-wilcox-electric-dcOutdoor home lighting has multiple purposes, from safety and security to creating curb appeal at night. For the pathway and entrance to your home, you want lighting primarily for safety, but you also want to create the desired aesthetics.

To welcome your friends and family to your home, update your pathway and entry lighting for safety, style, and security.


Pathway Lighting Options

The pathway or sidewalk leading to your front door or the walkway that leads to your backyard or patio needs illumination at night. You don’t want anyone tripping on a dog, a child’s toy, or uneven bricks underfoot. You also want to deter uninvited guests from sneaking down a pathway – burglars and other invaders do not want to be on an illuminated runway. Pathway lighting is excellent for safety and security, but it can also enhance your landscaping and home aesthetics. Here are some options to consider to light up your home’s pathways:

  • Angled lighting. Taller pathway lights can angle the light onto the pathway for more light in dark spaces. 
  • Downward light. Spotlights aimed in a downward beam illuminate the outside borders of your pathway.
  • 360-lighting. Pathway lights can double as landscape lighting for nighttime curb appeal. Both modern and classic pathway lighting options can throw light in all directions, brightening your path home, as well as illuminating nearby landscaping. 
  • Recessed lighting. Concealed lighting in the ground with recessed lighting can outline your walkways and create a dramatic effect. 
  • Spotlights. Direct lights to your pathway from above or from other spaces with positioned spotlights throughout your outdoor areas. 

With pathway lights, you want to have evenly distributed positions to provide consistent lighting for the entire length. Conformity will ensure that the lighting looks and functions ideally for your outside walkways. 

Illuminating Your Entrance 

Your entrances need illumination for those night hours, from front door sconces and porch lights to stair safety and patio ambiance. The most popular main entrance lights are wall fixtures – you can choose from the classic-style sconce to many more modern fixtures to leave a light on throughout the night by your front door. Homes with front porches or larger stoops will usually have additional lights above when using this outdoor space. Other lighting consideration for front and backdoor entrances:

  • Nearby windows. Homes with large windows around entrances that let out indoor light in may need less outdoor lighting. 
  • Step lighting. Entrance steps should be well-lit – this can include spotlights or riser lights that provide adequate safety for your nighttime visitors. 
  • Patio lighting. For backyard patios and entrances, consider lights to outline the patio and possible 360-lighting to enhance surrounding landscaping. 

Outdoor lighting, whether for your pathways, patio, pool or entrances, can require an electrician’s expertise. If you want to create safe and welcoming pathways and entrances at your home in the greater Washington, DC area, contact us at Wilcox Electric. Our pros can help you add outdoor lighting to enhance your home’s safety, security, and aesthetics.