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It's Time to Check the Smoke Alarms!

It's Time to Check the Smoke Alarms - Smoke Alarm on Ceiling_Wilcox Electric DC

It's already the end of March, and Daylight Savings Time came to call rather early this year - on March 12, 2023. Once again, our bi-annual need to mess with Mother Nature takes over, and we all dutifully spring our clocks ahead one hour. Then, of course, we turn them back again in the fall. While this adventure brings us extra light in the summertime, it sometimes results in setting your body clock off a bit while adjusting to the time change. Regardless, we can make something positive of it by using the seasonal change of the clock as a reminder that it’s time to check the smoke alarms!

Smoke Alarms are More Than Smart

Alarms that can alert you to a potential fire or an unsafe carbon monoxide level are lifesavers. There is no doubt that they save thousands of lives every year. Detectors utilize all the marvels of technology and work better than ever with next-to-no maintenance. When they are hard-wired to your electrical system and backed up by batteries, these devices are as fail-safe as it gets. On top of that, it should be noted that they are required by law in many municipalities and public buildings. 

Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Even Smarter

Because carbon monoxide is just as deadly as fire and smoke, you need to be aware that it’s possible the levels can rise completely unexpectedly. Sometimes appliances can leak carbon monoxide, and the level of the toxic gas rises. Stoves and water heaters can often be the culprits. If an appliance isn't properly vented, trouble could be on the way. Other sources of carbon monoxide in the home can be fireplaces that are not properly maintained.

The main problem with carbon monoxide is that it is odorless and colorless. It doesn't leave a taste, and you can't see or feel it. It can build up in your home, and you might be found unconscious before you realize what is happening. 

The easiest way to keep your home and your family safe is to have a combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector in your home. Changing the batteries on the first day of Daylight Savings Time and when reverting back to Standard Time every year is a simple way to ensure that there are always fresh batteries in your detectors.

Take Advantage of Lithium Battery Technology

Lithium changes the game in a big way. Now you can choose a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector that hardwires into your home with a sealed ten-year lithium battery, which cannot be removed or tampered with, increasing safety for an entire decade.  Imagine - no more battery changes! After ten years, you simply throw it out and get another one. Remember, if you haven’t yet had this new technology installed – now is the time to change or upgrade your older model smoke/carbon monoxide detector batteries!

Wilcox Electric is your experienced and reliable Washington, D.C. electrician with decades of reputable service to clients throughout the area. We can answer all your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector questions and install them for you, including Lithium-powered models. Wilcox Electric provides top-quality electrical services throughout the Washington, D.C., area, and we are here when you need us. Contact us for all your electrical needs.