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Protect Your Electrical System During the Heavy Storm Season in DC

Protect-Your-Electrical-System-During-Heavy-Storm-Season-in-DC-Wilcox-Electric-DCAs heavy storm season approaches, taking a proactive approach to protecting your home's electrical system becomes an essential task on your to-do list. Storms come with lighting strikes, power surges, and even potential outages, all of which can pose a risk to your electrical infrastructure. Find out how you can fortify your home against unpredictable forces of nature so you can ensure uninterrupted power, no matter how fierce the storm, and protect your electrical system during the heavy storm season in DC.

How Heavy Storm Season Can Impact Your Electrical System

While it may seem like stormy weather is mostly a hazard to tree limbs and delicate plants, there are several ways they can impact your electrical system:

  • Lightning Strikes: Lightning bolts can directly hit your home or nearby power lines and, in turn, cause power surges with the ability to damage sensitive electronics.
  • Power Surges: Your home doesn't have to be struck by lightning to experience a power surge. Power grid fluctuations can also cause sudden spikes in voltage that can damage devices plugged into electrical outlets.
  • Wind and Debris: High winds usually mean flying debris, often at high speeds. Storms can damage trees and other very tall structures with ease, and all of these issues can damage power lines. This can lead to potential power outages as well.

Effective Strategies for Electrical System Protection During Heavy Storm Season

One of the best and most effective ways to safeguard the entire house is with a whole-home surge protector. As a proactive defense system, it diverts excess voltage from your electrical system to prevent damage to appliances and electronics. They can't keep storms from happening, of course, but whole-home surge protectors can protect your valuable electronics and devices in the event of a lightning strike or other storm effects which are capable of producing a power surge.

  • Unplug During Storms: Want to really amp up your protection? If you're at home and a heavy storm is imminent, unplug computers, TVs, and other sensitive devices for more peace of mind.
  • Secure Outdoor Wiring: Any loose or exposed outdoor wiring is inherently vulnerable to damage during severe storms. Make sure all wiring is secured correctly and shielded.
  • Tree Maintenance: The best, most cutting-edge whole-home surge protector can't prevent power loss due to falling trees. If the trees on your property have limbs or branches that you’ve observed to be sick or dying, discuss with a professional tree care company to mitigate the possibility of trees falling during a heavy storm.
  • Generator Readiness: It's a good idea to consider investing in a backup generator. A standby generator will only kick into service during power outages, ensuring vital things like refrigerators and medical devices continue to function. For families with a medically fragile member, a standby generator is essential.

Professional Assessment and Preparedness

Before storm season really comes rolling in, it's a good idea to consider a professional electrical assessment with a focus on storm readiness. This should include:

  • Inspection: Ideally, an experienced, expert electrician should inspect your electrical system on a clear, fair day to look for vulnerabilities and recommend necessary action.
  • Grounding and Bonding: It's vital to ensure your electrical system's proper grounding and bonding. This can significantly reduce the risk of power surges.

As heavy storm season looms, electrical system preparedness is paramount. Fortunately, with expert guidance, cutting-edge technology, and proven strategies, you can confidently weather any storm.


At Wilcox Electric, we're here to empower you with the knowledge and solutions you need to protect your home's power during heavy storm season. Contact us today to schedule an electrical assessment and to discuss your home’s storm readiness.