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The Benefits of Switching Your Stove from Gas to Electric

The-Benefits-of-Switching-Your-Stove-From-Gas-to-ElectricAs scientists continue to share the advantages of reducing human reliance on fossil fuels, it’s prompted much discussion and interest around switching from gas stoves to electric ranges. Electric stoves do provide many benefits. They are more energy-efficient, easier to clean, and safer than their gas counterparts. They also offer more precise temperature control, which can be helpful when you’re cooking delicate dishes. If you are considering making this change in your kitchen, here's some information on the benefits of switching your stove from gas to electric. 

Energy Efficiency

Electric stoves are more energy-efficient than gas stoves. A study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy found that electric stoves use 20-30% less energy than gas stoves, as well as having the ability to heat up more quickly and evenly.

Ease of Cleaning

Electric stoves are quick and easy to clean. The smooth surface of an electric stovetop makes it easy to wipe down spills and splatters. On the other hand, gas stoves have grates that can be a bit more challenging, and time-consuming, to properly clean.


Electric stoves remain safer than gas stoves, for the most obvious reason: they don’t present a risk of flames leading to a fire. Gas stoves can pose a fire hazard if they are not properly installed or maintained.

Precise Temperature Control

Electric stoves offer more accurate temperature control than gas stoves. This can help when preparing delicate dishes, such as sauces and custards. It is more difficult to control the temperature on a gas stove, which can lead to overcooked or undercooked food.


Electric stoves tend to cost more than their gas counterparts. However, the savings on your energy bill can offset the upfront cost of an electric range. Another plus is that electric stoves tend to last longer than gas stoves, so you may save money in the long run by switching.


Electric stoves are more convenient than gas stoves. For example, you can use any sort of cookware with your electric range, instead of needing pots and pans that are compatible with gas burners. An electric stove features additional accoutrements, such as warming zones.

Environmental Impact

Electric ranges have a much lower impact on the environment than their counterparts, mainly because they do not produce emissions or contribute to air pollution, while gas stoves do. 

If you are considering making the switch from gas to electric, it’s likely that some electrical work will need to be done in your kitchen and on your control panel to protect from overload or other issues.


When you make the decision to purchase an electric range, you’ll want to hire a professional electrician, in order to ensure everything is safely installed. Our professional team of electricians can help get your kitchen ready for a new stove or any other electrical needs. Contact Wilcox today to schedule an estimate. 

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