Top 8 Signs that You Need to Hire an Electrician Immediately

Older historic row homes, likely in need of a professional electric safety inspection Wilcox Electric DC

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Are you wondering when you need to call in an electrician? These are eight signs that you should not ignore — you should call in a professional.


  1. You Bought a New Home. Have a professional electrician inspect the property when you move into a new home. Doing so will show you any problems or potential problems with the home. Wiring, circuit breaker problems, and other issues can be spotted and repaired before moving in. 
  2.  You Bought or Live in an Old Home. If you live in or purchase an old home, you need a general inspection. Older homes that have not been renovated likely need new wiring. Most homes need electrical upgrades to meet modern needs and codes.
  3. The Circuit Breakers Trip Often. You have a problem if you notice your circuit breakers are frequently tripping. While it’s not unusual to trip a breaker occasionally when you plug too many things into the same circuit, you need to hire an electrician immediately if it happens more often. This could be a short in a wire, or it could mean you need to upgrade your panel. Either way, make the call and have it fixed right away.
  4. It Smells Like Something is Burning. Have you ever gotten a quick whiff of air that smells like something is burning? If nothing in sight is burning, that’s good. However, if the smell is persistent, you need to hire an electrician right away. Something behind the wall produces that smell, whether from old wiring, a short circuit, or something else.
  5. Flickering Lights Aren’t Good. While certain people may see flickering lights as otherworldly, it’s probably electrical rather than magical. When lights start flickering, it may signal a short circuit or frayed wire. You may also notice your light bulbs are burning out faster than usual. Call an electrician and get this problem cleaned up. 
  6. Wires Need Watching. A few wiring issues could require a professional electrician’s attention. For example, old wiring can fray and break. It can also carry too high of an electrical load. So if you see a fraying wire, hear popping noises, or the lights flicker, you need to have a professional electrician upgrade your wiring.
  7. Warm Outlet. Your outlets, switches, and fixtures should never be warm or hot. If you feel heat radiating from any of these, you must assess the situation. It can be faulty wiring or a circuit overload. 
  8. Shocks and Buzzing. If you hear a buzzing noise inside the walls, get it checked out. The noise could be due to loose hardware or a much bigger problem. The best thing you can do is call your electrician and set up an appointment as soon as you can. 

Summertime is the best time of year for fun, but keep these eight signs you need an electrician in mind. Contact Wilcox Electric for quality and experienced service to address any of these situations.