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3 Reasons to Heavy Up for the New Year

bigstock-Overloaded-Power-Socket-Plug-Wilcox-Electric-DCWith everyone at home more often during the holiday season, you may notice that your electrical system is not operating as efficiently as it should. If your home is more than 30 years old, you may have an electrical system that cannot meet all your electronic devices and holiday lights’ demands. An upgrade to your electrical panel, referred to as a heavy up, resolves issues from not carrying enough power. Here are three reasons why you should heavy up for the new year.


1. Improved Electrical System Performance

A heavy up can significantly improve your electrical system’s performance. Your electrical panel consists of a series of wires and switches that dictate electricity’s maximum capacity in your home. The panel metes out a certain amount of voltage to each of your outlets. Many older homes have electrical panels with a 100 to 150 range for voltage. To meet the demands of modern technology, you should have an electrical panel with a 200-volt capacity. 


A heavy up can increase the amount of voltage to outlets powering appliances and devices that use more energy to operate. If you have noticed flickering lights or your circuit breaker trips frequently, you may need a heavy up. If you plan to upgrade your appliances or want more outlets, these new additions can place an extra demand that can also trip your circuit breakers. The increased amperage will help energy flow more efficiently throughout your home for optimal performance with all your appliances and devices.

2. Electrical System Safety

An older electrical panel can create a fire hazard from overloading circuits. During the winter, your family is indoors more often and using more electricity. Holiday lights and decorations plugged into extension cords can cause faulty circuits and wires to spark into a fire. A heavy up can prevent these problems by replacing damaged components and outdated panels. An upgrade will prevent overheating and avoid costly repairs or replacement of the entire electrical system.

3. Home Expansion Options

If you have home renovation plans in mind for the new year, you may need a larger electrical service panel. A heavy up will allow you to install a room addition without putting excessive loads on your electrical system. Before you make any renovations, consult with a licensed electrician for recommendations regarding your power needs. Doing so will ensure you maximize your energy efficiency and reduce your monthly energy costs from these new renovations. 

Heavy Up Your Electrical System Today

Your electrical system is one of the most integral features of your home. Make sure it is operating at peak performance by getting a heavy up for the new year. At Wilcox Electric, we have over 20 years of experience helping customers just like you make the most of their electrical systems. Our licensed technicians can recommend the best options for your electrical system to give you the power you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our heavy up electrical services.