Ceiling Fan Recall...Please Read and Share!


ceiling-fan-recall-home-depotAt the start of this New Year, we want to share our very best wishes with you for a safe and hope-filled new year.

We also wanted to get the word out to our valued customers and friends about a very serious nationwide product safety recall that came to our attention over the holidays. We first posted it on our Facebook page, but share it again here.

If you or someone you care about purchased a ceiling fan at Home Depot in recent months, this is an article that you must read

Wilcox Electric safely installs ceiling fans year-round. If you are unsure about yours, or have questions that we can answer while you shop for one in the year ahead, just get in touch with us to make sure that your installation is done professionally and that the fan you choose is built to operate safely in your home or business.

Thanks and have a great year,

The Wilcox Electric team