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“Just the Right” Lighting for  Walkways and Pathways

pathway lighting at night wilcox electric dcIf there is ever a season to remind us of the need for effective outdoor lighting, it's wintertime here in D.C. However, if you're like most homeowners, you want your outdoor lighting to add atmosphere and ambiance. So, what would "just the right" lighting for walkways and pathways look like at your home? Here are some ideas.

Lighting the Path

At a minimum, there should be adequate lighting on the walkways to your front door, back door, and garage. You and your guests need to safely make your way to and from the house and driveway or garage. In addition, you may want a lit sidewalk to the back patio or yard. Many options bring security and beauty to sidewalks. Install smart controls and make it even easier to automate a lighting schedule or turn things on and off from your smart device.

  1. Recessed in-ground lights add plenty of light and nothing to trip over or bump into. You can light the walkways and even have them on timers, so the different sidewalks are lit independently. Light up the front walk for arriving guests, and just the walk from the driveway when the workday ends, or you are coming home after dark. 
  2. Angled lighting sets the lights back a bit from the actual walk, and you can angle the light in the direction you prefer. Precise placement of angled uplighting can turn a sculptural tree or a beautiful entryway into a work of art.
  3. 360-lighting shines light in all directions, so you have excellent visual coverage. In addition, these lights are great when you want to highlight flower beds or structures on your property.
  4. Downward lights shine down onto the path’s borders, creating a more subtle lighting effect, which many homeowners prefer. 
  5. Pedestal lights are another elegant choice for walkways, enhancing vintage or modern décor. 

Don't Forget the Entrances

No matter your favorite architectural styles, it's always a good idea to have well-lit entrances to your home. In addition to providing you and your family safe passage, it's vital to see who may be outside your door before you open it. 

Windows around the entrance can help, but you also need artificial lighting after-dark hours. Riser lights are an excellent addition to steps to maintain safety. Patio, porch, and deck lighting can all add ambiance and security to your outdoor spaces. Party lights are always a popular choice on patios and decks, but you can also choose discreet sconces with soft lights or other options to change the lighting according to mood or occasion.

Determining your outdoor lighting, especially walkways and pathways, is an important choice. You want to combine beauty with function and save energy wherever possible. It's essential to choose a licensed electrician to install your outdoor lighting. Because the fixtures take a lot of abuse from the elements and will naturally have to withstand rain, snow, and electricity, it's always better to ensure the work is performed safely and up to code.

If you're ready to update your outdoor lighting, we invite you to contact Wilcox Electric. We've provided safe and beautiful outdoor lighting in the D. C. area for over 30 years. So, contact us here, and we'll help you light up the new year.