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Don’t Deck the Halls Until You Check Your Home Electrical System!

Dont-deck-the-halls-until-you-check-your-home-electrical-system-Wilcox-Electric-DCWith Thanksgiving just around the corner to kick off the winter holidays in earnest, now is the perfect time to ensure your home is ready to handle all the hustle, bustle, and festive energy of the season. When you’re hosting a big meal or welcoming a houseful of guests, the last thing you want is a power struggle with your outdated electrical system. A well-functioning home electrical setup is vital for a stress-free, jolly holiday season - so don’t deck the halls until you check your home’s electrical system!

The Winter Holidays: A Host of Electrical Concerns

For most households, the kitchen becomes the heart of the action during the winter holiday season. Your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave are vital necessities when it comes to making culinary magic, but are your circuit breakers up to the challenge? When your appliances must operate as smoothly as a velvety pumpkin pie, it’s always a good idea to have them inspected ahead of the big event. 

Before you start that long turkey-roasting session, you should definitely double-check your system. If you’re uncertain about the condition or the capacity of your circuit breakers, now might be the best time to consider an upgrade. A robust system with dedicated circuit breakers for all major kitchen appliances can prevent catastrophes like unexpected power outages during your cooking marathon.

Keeping Everyone Connected with Plenty of Power Outlets

In today’s world, staying connected is paramount, especially during the holidays. You, your family, and your guests all rely on devices for everything from communication and entertainment to capturing cherished holiday memories. A house filled with guests vying for an outlet to charge their phones, tablets, and gadgets is anything but merry and bright; this is where upgrading to USB outlets can come to the rescue. USB outlets provide a convenient solution for charging multiple devices at the same time, ensuring everyone stays happy and connected. Strategically placing these outlets in the high-use areas of your home can minimize the struggle to find available wall outlets.

Enjoying the Holidays with No Overloads

Picture this: it’s Thanksgiving Day, and the family is gathered around the big screen for a football game while the kids immerse themselves in video games and the turkey roasts to perfection. The stage is set for a perfect family event, but conditions are also ripe for trouble. 

To guarantee a harmonious holiday without overloads or outages, you must ensure your system is up to task. That’s where Wilcox Electric steps in. Our team of expert professionals can assess your home’s electrical needs and recommend upgrades you may need before the holidays. By installing dedicated circuit breakers and USB outlets, we can help ensure everyone enjoys the holidays without disruption. 

The key to a successful and enjoyable holiday season is preparation. Don’t wait until the last minute to address your electrical needs. Instead, plan ahead to ensure your system is ready to support all your holiday plans. Contact us to schedule an evaluation. Ask about our Fall Maintenance Special. Let Wilcox Electric take care of all the electrical details so you can focus on making holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

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