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How to Make Your Smart Home Safe for Children

smart-home-safe-for-children-Wilcox-DCWhen you think of smart home features, things like lighting, climate control, and entertainment likely come to mind. What if your smart home technology could help you accomplish your most essential and anxiety-inducing goal? Though smart home gadgets are sometimes considered frivolous purchases or luxury items, the truth is, they can be invaluable tools in a parent's safety arsenal.


Smart Features Make Your Home a Truly Safe Space

Your home is your castle, but it should also be your fortress. A vast array of features is available that are designed specifically to boost the security of your home. High-tech upgrades like Leviton and Samsung SmartThings and Nest can help you turn your home into a safe haven for the most vulnerable members of your family.

  • Connected cameras and video doorbells give you eyes all over the property; whether you're on the go or all at home.
  • Smart locks also make it easy to keep everyone in the family safe. Younger members can't misplace keys, and codes generated for contractors or others who need temporary access can be deleted in a moment.
  • Panic buttons allow kids to access the authorities immediately in the event of an emergency. Still, they also make it easy for adults to reach first responders when seconds matter.

Anyone who has ever cared for a toddler knows how difficult it can be to keep them out of cabinets filled with hazardous chemicals. Small children seem to feel the strongest pull toward the most dangerous places in the house, but smart lock sensors can be a game-changer for modern parents. Alarms and push notifications will alert you immediately if an off-limits area is accessed. You'll be able to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the happy toddler years.

When it's time for bed, an automated home can start setting the scene for a predictable bedtime routine. It can automatically close the blinds, dim the lights, and turn off electronic devices at set times. A smart home monitoring system can keep children and adults alike safe throughout the night by continually monitoring air quality for threats like carbon monoxide or smoke. For kids with allergies or asthma, your smart home system can integrate systems that monitor for chemical triggers.

Supporting Kids’ Safe Independence with Smart Home Features

It’s never easy to watch our children take their first steps in an independent direction, but it’s easier when you know they’re protected. Smart home innovations allow parents to provide their kids with the independence crucial to their development, while still making sure they’re monitored along the way. Parents can check in on older kids who are just beginning to stay alone for small periods of time via camera feeds, for instance. Smart appliances allow an additional layer of safety for newly independent kids, as parents can connect to smart ovens to ensure they’re being used properly.

Smaller children can explore their independence by exerting control over their environment without risking their safety to accomplish their goals. When lights can be turned on by voice command, there's no need to scale the furniture to reach a light switch. Motion sensor hallway lights make those late-night trips to the restroom a bit less of a tripping hazard than they might be in the dark.

Watching kids grow up is as hard as it's always been on an emotional level. On a practical level, it has never been easier to watch over older kids as they begin to stretch their wings.


Wilcox Electric offers a wide range of smart home services, and we'll work to integrate your choice of products to create the safe, high-tech home of your dreams.