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How to Use Smart Routines to Make Everyday Living Better

Smart-home-routines-Wilcox-DCDo you find yourself shouting at Alexa to do several tasks when you get home? Have you forgotten you can wake up to the perfect balance of warmth, sound, and light? It’s one thing to install smart features in your home – and another to actually use them. One reward many smart homeowners aren't reaping is the comfort, safety, and time perks of setting up routines.

What is a smart home routine?

Asking your smart home to do several things in a row can feel just as intrusive as walking around and doing it yourself. Wasn’t the purpose of your smart home to make things easier? That’s why creating and setting routines is helpful.

Put simply, a smart home routine is taking a series of tasks or steps, and putting them together under a single command.

Think of Mr. Rogers: He walked in the door, sang a song, put on his cardigan, and changed his shoes – it was his routine. It brought him (and his viewers) a sense of comfort.

Now fast-forward to the present. You can create the same kind of calming atmosphere by designing routines for your smart home. Maybe when you walk in the door after a long day of work you start by saying, “begin evening routine.” The lights in your hallway, bedroom, and kitchen come on, your outdoor security lights turn on, your door locks, your favorite radio station adds some ambiance, and you can focus on changing out of your work clothes and starting dinner.

Even better, you don’t have to check if you remembered to lock the door or do any one of these steps. There’s a sense of comfort, security, and convenience in that. And you don’t have to spend the time walking around and doing those tasks every evening. Instead, you can get started on what you really want to do.

What are examples of smart home routines?

An evening routine is just one example. There are several other smart home routines you can add to your list, and each will have its own benefits.

Here are 2 more examples to give you some inspiration:

  • Good morning – Your morning routine can turn off your white noise machine, turn on the traffic and news, have the temperature at the perfect level, and open your blinds. It all depends on what smart home technology you’ve added to your home – the more you have, the more you can implement into your routine.
  • Out of town – Do you travel for work or take a few vacations each year? Do you feel safer having people think you’re home when you are on a day or weekend trip? Create a routine that makes your house look lived in. Turn lights on and off, open and shut the blinds, make sure security cameras are engaged and the alarm system on. Your out-of-town routine provides a sense of security.

How do I get started with my own smart home routines?

Routines are customizable and will depend on your smart home technology, hub, and what you do each day. Spend a couple of weeks looking at your lifestyle and regular routines. Jot down what you do each day, or what you ask your smart hub to do. Note that you can even create routines and specify which day to use them.

Once you have your lists, start grouping them together in days, times, and categories. For example: When I “get home,” I turn on these lights, turn on the sports station, shut the blinds, lock the front door, turn on the back outdoor lights and let the dog out. How can you create a routine from those actions?

I don’t have a smart home yet – how do I get one?

The first step to designing your smart home is deciding which components are right for you. A smart hub, outlets, switches, and door locks are a good start. Look into smart blinds, thermostats, security products, and more.

Another ideal step is to talk to a professional about smart homes. Find out what they can offer, and what else you may need. A smart home can save you time, money, and add much-needed convenience and security – and your smart routines are a part of making that happen.