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It's Time to Plan Your Home Improvement Projects for 2023

Renovated Kitchen with new Electric Lighting, Home Improvement 2023 Wilcox Electric DC

The holidays are over, winter has set in, and it’s the time when we start getting cabin fever. Have you started a to-do list of home improvement projects, both large and small, that you want to complete this year? Whether you’re ready to make some changes right away, or you need to wait until the spring, it’s time to plan your home improvement projects for 2023. 

When Your Improvement Projects Require Major Construction

If your plans include remodeling or new construction, you’ll need weeks, or possibly months, to plan, depending on the size of the project. Although outdoor construction requires the ground to be thawed, most indoor remodeling does not. As long as you’re able to keep your household functioning while the project is underway, and have a way to ensure the work area is well-ventilated when necessary, you can start many kinds of jobs, including Home Improvement Electrical Projects, in the colder months.

Before the saws and hammers are in hand, however, you need to work out a feasible schedule and of course, your budget. What professionals are needed for your project? Do you need a plumber, a painter, a carpenter, or all three? When remodeling, some people have the skills to DIY many things but for others, such as electrical work, the professionals must be called in to ensure things are done properly and more importantly, safely.

Installing New Appliances: Do Your Research

Upgrading your home’s appliances may be one part of a home makeover - or perhaps installing a new range, refrigerator, and dishwasher is actually the main event. Once you do your research and decide on the features you need (and want), it’s time to buy. Shopping for new appliances can be fun, but it can sometimes get confusing with all the bells and whistles. You can do great research online, compare pricing and features, and read a slew of credible reviews before deciding what’s best for you. 

Before your new appliances are installed, it’s essential to have a professional, reliable electrician do a thorough check of your electrical system to make sure the existing system has the capability to handle your new additions. Depending on what your current circuit panel can handle and the electrical requirements for the new appliances, you may need some new breakers installed or perhaps even a heavy-up to bring things to a safe, dependable level. Local electrical codes are another consideration that may require some modifications to your electrical system.

Is Your Home Improvement Smart? 

Maybe your 2023 resolution is to get smarter. We’re not talking about a college degree, but about installing new smart devices in your home. You can upgrade the look and feel of your home, with the added benefit of keeping more money in your wallet, by adding smart devices such as lighting, video doorbells, appliances and more.  

For added security, ask your professional electrician about installing a wired security camera or a smart camera. Another very popular option is a smart doorbell - we handle installations of all brands, such as Ring, Google Nest, Eufy, Arlo, and Wyze, to name a few. 

Upgrading to an Electric Vehicle

Perhaps your improvement for 2023 means you’ve decided to upgrade to an electric vehicle to get away from the gas pump, make a difference for the environment, and take advantage of the new tax deductions that are available. If so, your electrician can install that EV charger for you too.

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