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Plan Ahead for a Return to More Social Living

bigstock-Happy-Friends-Having-Fun-Drink-381051104As spring turns into summer, we look forward to life opening up to more social living once again. Hoping that the summer of 2021 will bring us back to the connected lifestyle we’ve been missing, it’s time to start making plans. Now is a perfect time to consider things you can do to make those gatherings even more enjoyable.

Ready for a Big Family Gathering? 

It seems like yesteryear to remember the whole family’s excitement getting together at Mom and Dad’s for a meal, some laughs, and tons of pictures throughout the day. It’s been a while since our homes have been social gathering places, so it’s a good time to make sure you’re ready to welcome everyone in again. You may want to consider lighting updates or even electrical upgrades to make sure you’re able to accommodate all the fun. 

It’s a great time to add some pleasant atmosphere to your gatherings. Adding smart lighting is a perfect place to start. You can use a combination of switches, dimmers, and even a Smart Hub control center to create the right mood. During dinner, set the atmosphere for conversation with a subdued lighting scene that allows everyone to enjoy a feast while keeping things comfortable on the eyes. 

Later, when you move on to game time and all those pictures of everyone, you can bring up the lights with an automated click of a button. Add in music with your favorite assistant (Alexa, Google, Siri, or others), and you keep the party going with zero fuss. 

The Kids Are Coming! The Kids Are Coming!

bigstock-Happy-birthday-boy-with-colorf-352226720Moms and dads, are you ready? As restrictions are pulled back, you know your kids have been sorely missing sleep-overs, birthday parties, and playdates. Your Smart home technology will make all of this so much easier as well. What if Alexa (or any Smart Hub) can call out directions for children to move from one activity or another? You can turn on the oven with kitchen tech when you need it to preheat for snacks and meals. Your smart refrigerator can even let you know if you’re low on ice! Set a pre-scheduled time for lights out as you finally wrangle the little ones into quiet time. Best of all, you can control everything in one place with a Smart Hub.

The BIG Kids are Coming, Too!

As you dream of ways to increase the socializing fun at your place in the coming months, the big kids want to play, too! Whether it’s your adult children or your adult family and friends, "kids" of all ages want to have fun, too! Maybe this is the time to put in that hot tub you’ve wanted for so long! This kind of toy needs a dedicated power circuit, so you don’t have any electrical problems. 

Hot tub parties are another time when the Smart Hub technology can save the day! Outside lights and music add to the fun – and preset timers direct the party and the end time if you like. As the lights dim and the music quiets down, your guests will know when it’s time to pack it in for the night. 

We understand everyone is more than ready for a social life again. Make sure your home is party-ready by updating to a Smart Hub now. Wilcox Electric can help. Call us for more ideas and installation assistance.