Should You Add Closet and Cabinet Lighting?


closet-and-cabinet-lightingHas there ever been a better time to clear out unwanted clutter? We're all spending more time at home, making it harder to ignore disorganization you usually overlook in the hustle and bustle of daily life. If there is one single benefit from the entire COVID-19 experience, many homeowners have had extra time to clean out and de-clutter closets, cabinets, and other storage areas.

Perhaps you have done the same in your Washington, DC area home. After improving these vital spaces, it is time to consider how adding better lighting can make them even more usable. Closet and cabinet lighting can add some significant benefits to your home. 

Add Style and Value

Under-cabinet lighting adds an individual style and ambiance to your kitchen that takes things to a whole new level. These softer, directed lights can highlight certain under-cabinet features or your favorite dish collection within glass-fronted cabinets for a beautiful artistic display.

New LED lighting is cost-effective and lasts for many years, can even be obtained in various colors. This increased beauty and versatility added to your kitchen can also significantly raise your property value if you even decide to sell your home. The improved aesthetics add a modern, yet usable touch to any kitchen space.

Add Versatility

Under-cabinet and closet lighting are truly versatile improvements to any home. Working in the kitchen becomes more comfortable when you have directed light at your shared workspaces to mix and cook. Prevent accidents and ease your eyes' strain with a soft LED light that illuminates your hands and counter spaces without shining in your eyes.

Who likes digging through cluttered, dark closets? While you were cleaning out your closets, you likely had to rig up some light, as the old single bulb over the door design isn't that helpful. There are better designs available for closet lighting, including various light locations and styles for added illumination in these confined and dark spaces.

Add Up the Savings

Under-cabinet lighting provides needed illumination on workspaces without the need for an overhead light. LED options can be very cost-effective, lowering energy costs over time. Plus, smaller LED lights are cooler, reducing your air conditioning system's work to cool your home. Soft LED closet lighting that is motion- or voice-activated can provide light when and where you need it and cut off automatically when not in use. You may be surprised at how much you can save over an entire year.

Wilcox Electric can provide advice and guidance for closet and cabinet lighting to fit into any budget. And our installation services are performed by licensed, trained and experienced electricians, so you can be sure the job is done safely and with superior quality. For more information about closet and cabinet lighting, call us or send a message online today.