Summertime is the Time for Outdoor Living

A romantic outdoor dinner with wine and flowers Wilcox Electric DC

bigstock-Outside-Dinner-Table-Setting-1835980Outdoor living is a concept that has helped homeowners expand their living space without adding onto their homes. It’s about transforming your yard into a place that’s aesthetically pleasing with areas to relax, enjoy, and spend time.

Many people create their outdoor living area by adding décor, safety and security, and unique focal points. And, of course, an essential part of your outdoor living space is the lighting.

People use decorative lighting fixtures that can withstand outdoor conditions. Fixtures can be used to create uplighting, shadowing, washing, grazing, silhouetting, and moonlighting in your outdoor space. Some popular choices for exterior light fixtures include lanterns, path lights, barn or bulkhead lights, spotlights, floodlights, security lights, and sconces.

Use Spectacular Lighting to Show Off Your Trees or Architecture

bigstock-Illumination-Garden-Light-With-404557769If you have some great trees on or bordering your property, why not spotlight them with the perfect uplighting to showcase the sheer beauty of nature? Historic DC neighborhoods often have some beautiful tree canopy over even the most intimate outdoor spaces. With proper lighting, you can enjoy them all evening long. 

Uplighting is also a powerful way to highlight a specific architectural feature. So whether you’ve got a fireplace in the backyard, an artful water feature, or even an ivy-covered garden wall, lighting allows you more hours to enjoy what you love. 

You can increase your backyard security while keeping beauty the focal point with lights bracketing the privacy fence or the garden hedge. 

Strategic lighting is critical for walkways, but that doesn’t have to mean they can’t look fabulous. The stylebigstock-Lanterns-In-A-Garden-8262801 of light and the placement of fixtures will determine the ambiance. Downlights concealed in the foliage offer diffused lighting that shows the way without disturbing nature. The lights can be fitted with a shroud that eliminates any glare to the side. 

Outdoor Lighting Helps with Any Emergency

Your outdoor lighting can prove to be life-saving in the event of an emergency. Whether first responders need access or you need the fire department or police, outdoor lighting will make an emergency easier to access and handle. 

All your outdoor spaces provide more safety when well-lit, especially for anyone with mobility challenges. Do your part by maintaining the lighting around walkways and doors, as well as fences or other structures. 

Low-voltage lights are trendy (for a good reason) as they save on energy and can effectively provide beautiful illumination to parts of your yard. In addition, low-voltage lights are much safer than their higher energy counterparts and raise the safety factor for your home, especially your outdoor living spaces. 

Party Lights Make Any Occasion Festive- and Why Not?

bigstock-Tea-Party-In-The-Evening-Garde-428377718If ever there’s been a time to celebrate, it’s now. The whole world has had a rough time this past year, and we are ALL ready to celebrate. Are you ready to join the party?

Festive party lights are a fun, happy way to add lighting to your outdoor living areas. Stringing those little bulbs around the deck, through the pergola, or in the trees brings a smile every time you look at them. So, go ahead and add some lights to your summer! Wilcox Electric can take care of all the work!

For advice on creating your outdoor living spacecontact Wilcox Electric. With an initial phone conversation, we will assess what you want and the options available. When necessary, we can coordinate with your other contractors.