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Adapt a Space in Your Home for Safe Quarantining

While we may have thought we’d be finished with the coronavirus by now, the reality is that we are not. And some health experts predict we may have entered a new era in which living with COVID and its variants becomes part of the new normal. We don’t know yet, but why not take some steps to be prepared?

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EV Home Charging Stations and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every part of life, mostly in negative ways. But surprisingly, those with electric vehicles and EV home charging stations have enjoyed some actual benefits. In fact, the electric vehicle market is poised to grow significantly through the remainder of 2020.

In light of this, some who consider the purchase of an electric vehicle or EV home charging station could find these benefits compelling reasons to go ahead with their purchase.

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Smart Home Features to Improve Your Stay-at-Home Time

Everyone is now enjoying more stay-at-home time with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing more schoolwork and career work to be performed at home. Many families are capitalizing on this increased time at home to find new ways to enjoy family and their home. These enforced staycations do not have to become confining and discouraging. The addition of a few smart home features can help ease your increased indoor time.

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COVID-19 Update

Update 4/07/2020

We posted the following on our website and repeat it here to help get the word out that we are OPEN! We're all in this together and thank you for your efforts to help "flatten the curve!" 

Stay well and stay home as much as you can, 

The Wilcox Electric Team

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Adapting Home for Living and Working

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many are making the adjustment to working from home. While for some this may be a dream come true, others may struggle to juggle work, family, and home routines. To make the best of a temporary but critical situation, we offer some recommendations for improving your new work-at-home experience.

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