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Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection: What Does It Involve?

As the New Year rolls in, start yours safely - with a Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection. Whether you live in a historic brick home, a townhouse you purchased in the last decade, or a brand-new suburban family home, getting professional eyes on your electrical system is a great way to keep things up-to-date and safe.  Here’s why you may need a Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection and what it involves.

Professional Electrician conducting a Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection, Wilcox Electric, DCWhat Does a Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection Include? 

If you haven't had a whole home electrical safety inspection, you may worry you're in for a complicated, time-consuming procedure. While the complete inspection is certainly comprehensive, you don't need to worry that your home will be held hostage by the electricians for days on end. Here's a rundown of what you can expect from a thorough home electrical inspection. 

  1. The electrical service panel and the wiring will be checked. 
  2. All the screws and lugs on the circuit breakers are tightened to ensure they function properly.
  3. Noalox will be applied to the branch circuits' aluminum wires (Noalox is an antioxidant that improves the connection and prevents corrosion).
  4. All breakers are checked to make sure that they are not double-tapped, which can overload the circuit breaker. 
  5. The panel's main breaker size will be measured to ensure it is not bigger than the size of the SEC cable that comes into the wall. 
  6. All outlets are tested to find any open grounds, loose connections, neutral wires, and the correct polarity.
  7. GFCI breakers and outlets are inspected and tested.
  8. Surge protection is assessed to be sure it is sufficient.
  9. Smoke detectors are checked and brought into compliance if needed

Why Do I Need a Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection?

While it's true that your home's electrical system is built to last for decades, it's also true that electricity is nothing to mess around with. Arranging for a regular inspection every few years makes sense because most electrical problems are caused by things we cannot see happening, for example, wiring corrosion.

Corrosion can affect the electrical wiring in your home, and although it’s not the most common issue, it certainly needs to be checked every so often. Water is another hidden threat to your electrical system, and there may be problems from leaks that you can’t see.  It doesn't take much space for water to leak in, and if that happens regularly, corrosion follows. 

Once the wiring erodes, the current-voltage and flow are no longer safe and electrical service can be disrupted or irregular. This weakness can lead to loss of power, sparking, or overheating if left unattended. Regular inspections give you and your local electrician a much better idea of how things actually look behind the walls.

Your Washington, DC Electricians Are Ready to Inspect Your Electrical System

Wilcox Electric has been your favorite Washington, DC electrician for over 30 years, providing you with quality, reliable service every time you call. We proudly serve the DC area for all your electrical needs, from whole-home inspections to EV Charger installations and everything in between. We can turn your home into a Smart Home with nest home automation and install a heavy-up when you need more power. Whatever your electrical needs, you can depend on Wilcox Electric to get the job done right.

 Contact us to schedule your whole home electrical safety inspection and ensure your home is safely wired for all your electricity needs in the year ahead.