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Overhead Lighting for the Way We Live Today

2020 has changed the way we view our homes. For many, it is no longer just space you come to sleep; it is where you spend the majority of your time. Today, the way we live often involves much more time spent in the home, whether it is relaxing with a small group of family and friends, remote learning, or working from home. Our houses may need some modifications to function more comfortably in these changing times. One consideration is overhead lighting.

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Best Lighting for Work and Study at Home

More than ever before, kids and adults are using the home for both their school and workplace. Even as life goes back to “normal,” many people will continue to spend more time working or taking classes at home. Creating an environment at home that is conducive to remote and online work should include a plan for lighting. Here are some ideas to ensure that you provide the best lighting for working and studying at home. 

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Should You Add Closet and Cabinet Lighting?


Has there ever been a better time to clear out unwanted clutter? We're all spending more time at home, making it harder to ignore disorganization you usually overlook in the hustle and bustle of daily life. If there is one single benefit from the entire COVID-19 experience, many homeowners have had extra time to clean out and de-clutter closets, cabinets, and other storage areas.

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Flickering Lights: What Might Cause That?

Electrical power in our homes is something most of us take for granted. An older generation can remember the days before the Rural Electrification Administration under President Roosevelt enabled every American home to enjoy access to electrical power. Flickering oil lamps were the normal source of light. But when your modern home has flickering lights, you should investigate. 

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